Corinna Raymond
Sales Engineer

Corinna has worked at VSF since April 2000.  In recent years Corinna has served as the manager of both the Purchasing and Inventory departments. She and her staff purchased and distributed raw materials as well as out-sourced required specialty products.  She has become our go-to authority for metal and acrylic components allowing VSF to meet all the production demands and challenges from our clients.

With all her valuable knowledge and expertise, Corinna became a perfect addition to our Sales Team in January 2018.  She is friendly, hard-working, organized, and eager to please.

Corinna is also a valued member of our Emergency Response Team and she is a genuine life saver since her participation in the AED-assisted CPR resuscitation of a coworker.

Corinna lives right here in Danby and she is the proud parent of two children, Paige, and Paul, a US Marine.